Deep learning

Smart Balancing of E-scooter Sharing Systems via Deep Reinforcement Learning: a preliminary study

Nowadays, micro-mobility sharing systems have become extremely popular. Such systems consist in fleets of dockless electric vehicles which are deployed in cities, and used by citizens to move in a more ecological and flexible way. Unfortunately, one …

Machine Learning for 40 MHZ Scouting at CMS

The Level 1 (L1) trigger at CMS uses coarse-grained information to search for signatures of interesting physics. L1 scouting is a new paradigm for data collection at CMS which could help in the early identification of promising potential signals, …

Lightweight and efficient convolutional neural networks for recognition of dolphin dorsal fins

The study of cetaceans is of vital importance to infer biological information useful to drive sustainable action plans aimed at preserving the marine environment and its biodiversity. In a recent study, we developed a novel algorithm for the …

Combined Color Semantics and Deep Learning for the Automatic Detection of Dolphin Dorsal Fins

Credit: Jonian Dolphin Conservation (No audio) Poster: PDF -- Live Demo : Download the package here and open the live script demo.mlx A recent Matlab version (>R2019b) is required with the following packages:

Tecniche di Deep Learning e Object Detection per la foto-identificazione dei cetacei